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Video interview – an effective marketing tool

Video interview – an effective marketing tool

content Broadcast a video presentation of your business, since your website is an site rencontre femme africaine gratuit effective marketing tool. In addition, you can associate the content: Video + tab « business » + « tab biography officer » for example.

The preparation and implementation of such a video is not so complicated…

site de rencontre trav gratuit Product Managers list the key points to make a successful video marketing tool and rencontres avec des hommes remarquables dvd get a high value added service to your brand.

What for?

Before you begin creating video, you need to define the context of your project, and write a brief:

  • What is your core target?
  • What is the main goal of communication of the video?
  • What is the main message to convey?
  • What are the secondary messages? (Listed in descending order of importance)


Length of the video

Short videos usually have more impact. Recommended if you want to introduce a novelty of yyour company (product, service). This is called « teasing », like movie trailers and short rhythmic. Video does not exceed 1mn30s ideal …

Available Types

2 video types are available:

  1. my explanation The classic presentation – max duration 1mn30
    The founder / leader held his presentation to the camera. It is him who appears on the screen during the entire performance.
  2. over at this website Lectured presentation – max duration 3 min
    The founder / leader answers to three questions orally asked, or added in headband.

When the offer is « presentable » – tangible product – photos may accompany the video, speech support.

How to prepare?

In audiovisual, visual is as important as the audio! And if the majority of the speeches in the form of video interviews are sad and boring, it is often due to a lack of natural and speeches written to be read but not to be told.

The secret to getting a natural look in a video interview .. ritonavir pakistan . is the time of preparation and realization. This preparatory work involves identifying places, have a prior contact or a rehearsal time.

 Key factors of good preparation

1. Asking the right questions:

  • For whom the video is?
  • What topics should be addressed?
  • What person (s) should be involved? (Internal, external: partner, client …)

2. Write a clear and explicit content: present what you do and show your difference, from the point of view of the customer

3. Build the scenario

  • Step 1: list the key points of your speech (some will even want to write it , others will be satisfied with just a list of topics)
  • Step 2: Assess the duration of the speech.
    For you information, depending on your diction, 30 seconds represents between 75 and 100 words. Remodel the content until you meet the timing limit.
  • Step 3: become familiar with the content
    Repeat, without reading the text, so as to give the speech fluency, and make it become « natural »

The video is accompanied by documentary content, prepare carefully:

  • a presentation of the company in the form of a text between 100 and 200 words
  • a biography of the leader, as a text of 100-200 words
The « D » day
Some things to avoid:

Attitude Code: choose a dress in which you feel good, but avoid the tiles and stripes and dark colors (green and blue)

Some tips to abide

Recording a video is not a lock on activity 45 minutes between two appointments.
Plan to be in advance, and not having to run to your next appointment.
You will be relaxed, the camera can feel it.

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