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Using twitter for competitive intelligence

Using twitter for competitive intelligence

Keeping itself informed about the strategy, products and innovation of your competitors as well as the news of your economic environment is vital!

Find out how index to use twitter to set up your competitive intelligence strategy. Twitter is a very useful tool: effective and cheap!

Where to find the info?

Twitter is full of people sharing what they had for lunch or what is the weather forecast but, it is also full of experts sharing timely and valuable information. Here is a list of the people you need to follow to do effective business intelligence.

1.  Your competitors:

Some of them may have a twitter account. It could be interesting to follow them. You also need to check it out for two things: who follow them and who are they following. You will probably find a lot of interesting things.

2.  Your customers:

Discover the topics that interest them and eventually what they say about you. Plus, if you follow them, some of them will probably follow you back and receive your information.

3.  Research and advice institutes of your sector:

For example Gartner for IT, GfK for general marketing, Forrester for technology, Harvard Business Review for Management… They publish links to summaries of their new research and retweet interesting information. They also announce their webinars.

4.  Influent marketing consultants:

Many marketing professionals publish on Twitter links to interesting content and to their publications. Find some of them specialized in your business area. They aggregate and synthetize the information for you.

5.  Daily newsletters of some websites:

They find the best articles of the day on the web on a specific subject. In French ITespresso: all the information for SME in the High tech sector, in English B2BMarketingZone: “all the best info on B2B marketing”…

6.  The specific account of the biggest newspapers:

For example for the technology sector. In English: Wall Street Journal Technology, Forbes Technology, BBC Technology; in French : Les Echos Tech, L’Entreprise, Le Monde…

Search tools

Now that you know who you should connect and follow, discover how to find them!

1- Twitter’s search tool

It is very powerful. You can search for words, hashtags, or people. Don’t forget, when you find an interesting account to follow to check its followers and following! If you find it interesting, its connections have a great probability to be valuable for you.

2- Other tools to go further

You have a lot of other tools to search on Twitter like:  Hashtagify for words and hashtags. They are all very powerful tools but they should only be used as complement of the Twitter’s search tool which is already very complete.

Use a twitter client to organize your monitoring

Now that you follow a lot of interesting people that tweet a lot… save time with intelligent tools! You have several twitter clients that help you organize your tweets. The best one is (according to us) Hootsuite. But it is not the only one and you can check out Tweetdeck.

Hootsuite allows you to manage several social media accounts at the same time. With Hootsuite you can do…almost everything: schedule messages, team collaboration, analytics and of course managing the people you are following in order to be sure to never miss an important tweet. At the beginning you can use the free account. Then, once you learnt how to you use it and if you feel that you could need it you can try the Pro account.


 How it works?

Very simple! First, create your account. Second, add all your social network accounts. Let’s organize your own dashboard. For your competitive intelligence strategy, use the “stream search” to quickly find who tweeted about what you are interested in!

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