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The Webinar, an effective way to promote your offers

The Webinar, an effective way to promote your offers

Real web seminar, a webinar or web conferencing allows you to speak to all of your targets, located worldwide, interactively, for a moderate cost and low supply.

browse around this website Product Managers presents this effective tool that by reducing distances, will boost your marketing campaigns.

What is it?

Contraction Web and seminar, a webinar is a professional seminar multimedia broadcast over the web. A webinar is interactive and allows the participants to interact with the lecturer that is expert in a field.

Accessible after registration, it can be followed live or via a link provided by the organizer. From a maximum of 60 to 90 minutes, it can bring hundreds of participants worldwide.

Web conferencing tools can be used to plan, manage and run these virtual meetings.

No investment for participants: a browser and an internet connection are required to access the meeting.

Features of web conferencing tools
  • management planning, notices of meetings, with a tool to launch invitation from Outlook, Lotus …
  • multi-stakeholder audio-video link
  • virtual whiteboard to transcribe your arguments, showing your PPT
  • sharing applications or documents that participants can annotate
  • Instant Messaging: interactive forum between participants, but also sessions of questions / answers with the lecturer
  • Recording and archiving for disposal on your website

Providers offer their web conferencing solutions open source or in form of paid subscriptions. Make sure they offer all the features.

Benefits of a webinar

top article – Economical and ecological
Saves time, saves money: Participants do not have to travel to access the information.
Collaborative work : you can edit something in group.

partnersuche biedenkopf – Moderate cost
Low logistics cost – from a few hundred euros – and simplicity of implementation for the organizer.

comment faire sa description sur un site de rencontre – A instant and workable tool for promotion / communication
A webinar can be saved, put on your website to reach more contacts.

check here – A tool for generating qualified leads
The registration process for a webinar can gather valuable information on the participants. For the organizer, it is an opportunity to create stronger ties with its targets.

Keep in mind that risks to the security and confidentiality of information exist. Saturation of the bandwidth or the density of a corporate network can affect the quality of your webinar.

The secrets of a successful webinar

As a traditional conference, quality content is the key to a successful webinar. Choose a title and a teaser relevant to encourage participants to register, to motivate them to attend the presentation on the D-Day and follow it till the end.

Offer useful content (and not too commercial) with one or more lecturers that have the legitimacy to speak on the subject (example, a webinar in collaboration with an analyst.)

The success of a webinar also depends on the quality of participants. A database of prospects is needed to manage invitations and drain a qualified audience. Interventions and exchanges will be more relevant.

Allow 2 to 4 weeks to allow participants to register.

Organize two sessions per theme, taking into account time differences of your target. The lightness of the logistics of a webinar can adapt to the time constraints of the participants that may come from all over the world.


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