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The « gamification », the new marketing Eldorado?

The « gamification », the new marketing Eldorado?

After asking a definition of this new barbaric word, site de rencontre sans faux profil Product Managers will discuss the applications of this new tool, will attempt to establish his interest objectively and imagine some creative and promising uses!

What is « gamification »?

Wikipedia: Gamification is the use of game mechanics and game design techniques in non-game contexts.

This design technique leads people to do actions that could be considered uninteresting or that we would not ordinarily do: fill out a questionnaire, a purchase, watch advertisements or assimilate information. ‘

This is it : site de rencontre belges now it is by making your customers play that you’ll get from them miracle cooperation


Exemple of what can be done


gamificationIn 2008, Orange has qualified database of hundreds of thousands of mobile phone numbers in a few weeks with his game « Sébastien Chabal needs you. »

Orange offered to play with Chabal to discover the Orange Foot offers. Interactive advertising featured the famous rugby player about to take a penalty. 5 dating sites that actually work Video stopped to ask for your name, email and phone number. If you entered the necessary information, the video resumed Chabal and called you on the phone.

With a budget of a few thousand euros (agencies announce from 10 to 30 K € depending on the complexity), you qualify your database with the contact details of thousands or even tens of thousands of people.

So is it just a dream? Or even a lure for business use?
Well, no, because companies like Cisco have used this tool successfully…!

Ideas to go further

Innovative tools can be powerful levers.
So rather than an attitude like « it is not for us », Product Managers prefer to investigate…

Some ideas to frame the experience
  1. Create a game « reusable »
    on several campaigns in order to sustain investments
  2. Set achievable goals
    •  adding to a basis of existing e-mails, a viable telephone number,
    • acquire several thousand additional contacts in promoting the « buzz » (« Send to a colleague »)
    • animate a website or a mailing on the occasion of a trade etc..
  3. chloroquine tablets buy Thinking « sponsorship »
    by encouraging the player to « recruit » new players. He can move up a level, he gets an incentive, can participate in a raffle to win an i-pad etc..
  4. Thinking « saga »
    why not imagine at the outset that the game will « have a sequel. » If it works well and meets its objectives, the tool created will evolve over time.
  5. etc…

The big question is « how to make a cost effective tool ? »
A simple calculation shows that an investment of € 15 K can be extremely profitable if, for example :

  •  Able to generate 10,000 new qualified contacts (contact then returns to 1.5 €, sum quite comparable to buying a skilled base)
  • Able to generate sales of € 200 K, which is equivalent to a % of turnover contribution of around 8%
You guessed it, the ROI will depend on the ability of the company to create a buzz around his game, the talent of the creative is in play (no pun intended) … But the innovative nature of the approach, associated with the natural propensity of human beings to play probably reserve you surprises!

So why not you?

Catherine KOKOREFF

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