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The Creative Brief: the cornerstone of your relationships with communication agencies

The Creative Brief: the cornerstone of your relationships with communication agencies

A successful communication campaign, whatever the chosen media is, implies clearly defined relationships between the advertiser and the agency.

anonymous The Creative Brief is the beginning of your business relationship with the agency selected.

The more relevant the information will be, the more the creative response will match your expectations.

hop over to these guys Product Managers describes to you the steps that lead to the development of a concise brief, written with precision.

What is a Creative Brief?

The Creative Brief is the key document for the communication agency that:

Some rules

« What is conceived well is stated clearly » Boileau

  • A creative brief is a see this site written document.
  • A good creative brief is chloroquine uk buy synthetic, precise and operational, written on a single sheet of paper (both sides), no need to write several pages: the creative risks of getting lost. The creative develops its creative ideas from a clearly articulated strategy.
  • Make the brief being approved by the hierarchy.
  • Say WHAT, and not HOW: let the creative work be creative!
The content of a creative BRIEF in 10 points

1. The context
Your business, its positioning, its values and its market in a few lines

2. The problem
What is your problem to be solved by communication?
(Ex: companies do not settle in my new town)

3. The objectives of the communication (1 or 2 maximum)
Point out your motivations and ambitions: awareness, positioning, promotion, to inspire, recruit, generate traffic, launch buzz, or communicate on your image…

4. The target of the communication action
Presentation of your target based on segmentation criteria
(In B2B sector activity, location, … – In B2C: SP categories, age, gender, habits …)

5. THE promise
This is THE message for your target, message on which the communication should be based.

6. Justifications
List the arguments, prioritized, which support the promise.

7. The tone of the campaign
Set the tone with which you want to reach your target: serene, warm, playful or rather imagination, technological…

8. The type of media considered:
Website, social media, radio, press, buzz…

9. Constraints
They may be legal, budgetary, technical…
(Related to the graphic design charter for example)

10. Planning
With a precise timetable

Assess the creation

The agencies will submit their proposals. How to choose?
Always refer to the brief to evaluate designs.
The evaluation of responses is facilitated if the criteria and issues were clearly defined and delimited.

Remember also the conditions for a successful campaign:

  1. creativity and originality are the values of credibility
  2. proper identification of the product is needed by the target
  3. the value of understanding the target must be fast

Relationship with the communication agency is crucial to stimulate creativity in relation to your product.
The more standard is a product, the more it will need a creative campaign to differentiate

You just have to select the « BIG CREATIVE IDEA »: The idea must be usable and timeless.

In conclusion:

Creative people do not aim to formulate strategies. They develop creative ideas from a strategy summarized in the creative brief.

Facilitate their work: Let them CREATE by providing them with accurate and running brief!

And never forget: You reap the creation that deserves its brief!

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