Product Strategy

Take charge of your product STRATEGY!

Your marketing actions will become more effective

sagittarius man and virgo woman dating The time to market is faster and smoother

with a better understanding of the environment

this hyperlink The results are quick and tangible

For our customers, the benefits are clear: the market approach is better structured. Your teams are aligned with the PRODUCT STRATEGY and its execution.

The way of working in workshops brings your teams together around the product offer.




Market Segmentation
competitive Survey




« Key selling points », différentiation
Value Proposition
Business model & pricing




Marketing Plan


he said This effort begins with a clear definition of the target market and of the value that the offer actually brings to these target market.

It is an analysis that can be done in an extremely pragmatic way and in parallel with the first round of marketing tools production for example.

• What is the addressable market?

• What are the ou rencontrer des hommes paris alternatives to the offer?


chloroquine phosphate tablets ip 500mg uses Necessary step to define the marketing tools that accompany the offer on the market.

•  You need to identify three key points or  « Key selling points »  that « make a difference ».

•  Once validated these aspects , it will be easier to build the value proposition , the foundation of all marketing tools : website , brochures

•  In view of the knowledge of the environment and the identification of key points of the offer, the business model and the selling price will be defined.


Prepare the launch with the Marketing Plan.
This is an opportunity for the company to:

•  Share understanding of the environment and to harmonize the team visions

•  Establish a roadmap, not unchangeable, but shared by all (general management, sales, marketing and also R & D)

•  Have only a limited number of landmarks to focus efforts on, the most important requirement for the success of young technology companies.

Effective marketing foundations

The term PRODUCT STRATEGY  seems windy…
It actually covers very pragmatic elements !

The PRODUCT STRATEGY is the mainstay of the marketing process, supporting the commercial action.

The experience of Product Managers’ experts shows that marketing efforts can be industrialized at all stages of the company’s life cycle, i. e. at all levels of budgets.

Devoting a few thousand euros to marketing actions does not mean randomly managing them, quite the contrary.

It is about investing them wisely to build the foundations of effective marketing that will produce tangible results.

The methodology of our experts is based on the analysis of the value perceived by the customer.

We work with you on the basis of usage cases and win & loss analysis.
We address the product (functional aspects), but also the services and business model of your company.

Compared to addressed market segments, these analyses provide solid, measurable value attributes.

Once they have been synthesized and written, they will form the basis of the value proposition.