Product Marketing

Define marketing tools
in line with your PRODUCT STRATEGY

The right tools at the right time!

Result: Your PRODUCT is visible throughout its lifecycle

Coordinate your marketing actions and make your product indispensable. Your Marketing is efficient and customer-oriented.

By measuring the ROI of your actions, reframe your actions according to the expectations of your targets.




slow dating norwich Basics of Marketing

testimonials & customer references




femme mure lyon Marketing tools to convince

White papers




Get More Information marketing campaigns

Social media
Press release


Objectifs for the 1st year

Display a gatineau rencontre fille professional and international image.

Create the buy chloroquine canada basic tools to support the sales forces in their prospection and transformation activities.

Communicate on commercial success, prospecting and transformation.

At the end of this first phase of building the fundamentals, the company owns:

  • A website,
    in English and French (or English only to optimize the costs of creating content)
  • A generic brochure and product sheets, more technical
  • A customer testimonial (s) or use case (s)
    in support of sales teams

Marketing efforts

Building attractive and reusable tools

Product Launch Plan
will include the presence at one or more trade fairs in France or abroad.

The Lead Generation program
development of a qualified contact base,
definition of actions to transform (telemarketing, mailing, newsletter…),
share performance monitoring.

Animation of distribution channels
and information sharing: extranet, certification program, information sessions,…

Communication actions
to start building notoriety.

Marketing campaigns

Increase the density of marketing campaigns with new means

Industrialization of tools
Customer testimonials, participation in trade fairs, content writing: web, white papers, press releases…

Intensification of lead generation
Via visits to the website, newsletters, visitors to trade fairs, networks…
Telemarketing can be used more intensively.

Implementation of automation tools
Choice and measurement of ROI of the tools: CRM, marketing automation…

Channel animation
New tools: co-marketing activities, structured alliance program with a website, events…

Expansion of communication actions
Relations with journalists, analysts…

Making your product visible is essential

throughout the life cycle of the Product

Product marketing needs are very different
depending on the phase of the company’s life cycle

At Product Managers, we attach to the term « PRODUCT MARKETING  » everything related to the operational part of marketing, which is derived from the Marketing Plan. The choice of actions is adapted to the company’s budget
but always in line with the MARKETING PLAN.

Content adapted to all your marketing materials.

Thanks to their dual technical and marketing skills, the consultants of Product Managers write a content adapted to each medium (brochures, website, etc.).