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comment reussir une rencontre For our customers, the benefits are clear:
911 rencontre montreal the launch of your product offer meets the needs of the market.

The implementation of a Product Management Process allows you to anticipate and work well in advance of the marketing phase.

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Articulation between the MARKETING PRODUCT / product launch – and the development process / concept of sprints.















1 – Effective product roadmap

Having a clear vision on 6-9 months
understanding trends for 12-24 months

Implementing the PRODUCT MANAGEMENT process to consolidate the clear vision of products and their evolution over time is a key stage in the life of the company.
Especially in an agile development environment, when product cycles are short and marketing has to organize product launches.

The company must articulate several roadmaps:

The accuracy of maturities varies according to the time horizon considered:
– the week for a horizon of 3 months,
– the month for a half-year horizon
– and the quarter for a higher horizon.

3 – Clear business plan

Describe the financial terms and conditions attached to the offer.

The objective of the Business Model is to ensure:

  • Adequacy to market expectations in terms of price, investment and/or payment terms and conditions
  • Profitability of the sales model for the company

The Value proposition, an expression of positioning, together with the Business Model, are key elements of the product offer description.

2 – Active competitive intelligence

Maintaining a good market knowledge through knowledge of its competition

Without becoming an obsession, understanding your competition can help you

• refining your differentiation
• detecting weak signals, which sometimes are important trends.

In any case, competitive intelligence should lead the company to copy its competitors. Competitive intelligence is productive only if you can take a step back and invest in places where the offer is worth more or competition is not positioned to build blue oceans.

4 – Industrialised product life cycle

Preparing to sell standard products

The transition from a project approach to product mode is a process that makes it possible to industrialize sales.

1st challenge:
that site Promote a sale of standard products, as opposed to custom sales.
This requires a robust, packaged product, sales force support and the provision of appropriate marketing tools

2nd challenge:
chloroquine medicine over the counter Industrialize the product, with its versions, its controlled release dates and the marketing of a complete offer, tested internally and in the field.

The offer is accompanied by all its documentation and associated services (guarantee, maintenance, support, installation, training, etc.).


on the customer’s needs

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And you, what are you waiting for to adopt
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Product Management,
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Product Managers experts support your teams in setting up the PRODUCT MANAGEMENT process.
Our expertise has enabled us to forge robust processes, adapted to the different activities of our customers: software publishing, services…
and at the stage of business development: SMEs, ETIs, start-ups.