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How to take up social network efficiently?

How to take up social network efficiently?

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Creating a blog, entering Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…take up social network  is something that you are decided to do? You succumbed to the charms of these new, fascinating and promising tools?

The first advice of Product Managers: look at more info be sure that this is not what you want to do but what your customers ask for.  If it is not part of their expectations, social network will remain tchotchkes! Second advice would be: don’t think it is cheap, quick and easy. To be efficient, a social media marketing strategy will ask you time, resources and commitment.

Still motivated? To make it a success, follow our tips.

We will introduce you a simple and effective approach in 4 steps to embark on social networks for B2B companies.

Step 1: Keep your eyes open and learn!

Before doing anything, make a short analysis. You should observe what is the “social” activity of your network and competitors on the Internet to determine your own strategy. At the end you should easily answer to the question: “How does my “ecosystem” use social networks?”

Make a benchmark of their activity:

  • What are the social networks they use?
  • Why do they use them? (their strategy)
  • What is their type of communication? (what do they say and how)
  • What is the type of content they share?
  • How often are they active?
Step 2: Build your strategy

You should now be able to set up your own strategy. Define your objectives and quantify them.

  • Generate leads?
  • Better understand your customers?
  • Share your knowledge with your customers?
  • Evangelize?

Once you have defined what you want to do and how it integrates in your overall communication plan, you can decide what tools would be the best suited for it. Be sure to evaluate what resources you can allocate to this project. Social networks are time-consuming! Don’t start with too ambitious objectives. Choose one or two objectives and focus on them.

Step 3: Prepare your introduction
  • Harmonize your communication: this is the best time to work on your communication tool. You need to be coherent.
  • Create a projected planning of your activities: Regularity and relevance are the key words! The best way to add content regularly is to have a planning. Decide in advance the frequency and the topics you want to address. Too many companies create social network accounts and let them inactive. This is the worth picture that you can offer to your network!
  • Name somebody as the person in charge of your strategy. Be sure that he/she is familiar with the professional use of social networks
  • Create a backlog
  • Announce your new strategy to your network!
Step 4: Take the great plunge!

Once you embarked on, be sure to site de rencontre gratuit et sans inscription en belgique measure the effectiveness of your strategy. Every social network offers analytic tools.  Major measures are:

  • Reaction rate
  • Rapidity of reaction

Calculating the return on investment is fundamental to determine if your social media strategy is working. This will be the next topic of our saga about social media.

Catherine Kokoreff


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