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Create favorable conditions for a successful kick-off

Create favorable conditions for a successful kick-off

from this source A kick-off is intended to inform on the availability of a product and arouse the interest of potential customers.

Successful commercial launch means that actions implemented during the output of product / offer, will generate maximum interest. Thus, these actions will « fill in the business pipe » and, therefore, maximize the number of sales.

The commercial launch thus requires learn this here now setting goals, managing the project and measuring the results of marketing campaigns. Product Managers describes you the steps and key success factors for a successful commercial launch.

Prepare between 3 and 6 months before the launch date

A commercial launch is not improvised! Thus, it will take between 3 and 6 months to prepare and execute the action plan.

The first step, is to clearly define the key success factors:

  • The market segments that is addressed
  • The positioning of the offer, especially compared to the competition

 commercial launch Once this step is completed, the action plan can be constructed. It has three pillars:

  1. conocer a chicas de ucrania The marketing tools associated with the offer: product descriptions, product demonstrations, website, testimonials and use cases, etc … All the tools that will support sales
  2. soy hombre solo tengo amigas Lead generation: information mailing, telemarketing, SEO, social media, etc … All of the actions that generate requests for information, requests for quote …
  3. chloroquine phosphate 250 mg in hindi Communication: from relations with the press and analysts to the presence at trade shows, through the organization of webinars or community management. This is to improve awareness of the offer and to meet potential clients, where it is located.

The Action Plan needs to be consolidated by being writen and accompanied by a schedule or a budget. Everything has to be considered as a project. As such, regular monitoring has to be assured.

Act on the right levers

Depending on the time available, the objectives, resources and budget available, the choice of actions to initialize will be different. The following table identifies some of the tools, the average time to obtain the first results and key success factors.

Marketing Actions

Timing de implementation


Key sucess factors

Trade Fair

2 to 3 months

T0 + 3 to 12 months

– good marketing messages
– ensure the organization of the exhibition and appointment of post-show

Web site

3 to 10 weeks

From the start

Product description

1 to 2 weeks

Not applicable

« KISS » (Keep It Simple and Stupid)
Enhancementof customer benefits before discussing the technical


2 to 8 weeks

T0 + 3 to 12 months

Targeting participants have the right contacts takes time and perseverance
Measure the performance of your launch plan

Actions will be even more relevant if we know exactly what we expect.

In the medium term, we measure the success of a commercial launch in the number of « leads » generated.

In the short term, we would rather measure the results through press coverage (number of articles), the number of contacts made at trade shows, or as a result of e-mailing, or the number of visits to the website.

Example: participation in an fair aims to generate 30 qualified prospects who will lead to three actual sales in 3 months.

To measure the achievement of the objective, we will take care of setting up a direct marketing campaign with already identified targets, that we will invite to visit the stand. 60 appointments will be made before the fair, to ensure effective transition prospects. At the fair, a systematic registration of visitors will be put in place. Those present on the stand on behalf of the company will be briefed. After the show, monitoring will be conducted both with prospects that we have received and with those who did not honor the appointment.

 Evaluation of a launch plan

The commercial launch of an offer must allow the company to initiate the sales process. The result is seen in the pipe business, the number of leads for the quantitative assessment, and quality of these leads.

The launch plan should not be considered as a single occurrence. If the launch is a special effort in time, it must be followed by an action plan for continuity: better marketing tools, regularly maintained media relations, mailing campaigns (e.g. newsletter) etc….

Monitoring of performance indicators will identify the most promising vectors and help you intensify them. Marketing actions will become more efficient. The virtuous circle is set up.

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