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Business unpredictable – The market approach must change !

Business unpredictable – The market approach must change !

site link Business has become uncertain and unpredictable … The market approach must change. Marketing is at the heart of this transformation.

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To support the Business, Marketing must be agile

Agility does not mean either pure opportunism or letting go. Agility means flexibility and relevance.

Our clients ask us to help them establish effective Marketing Plans. Because the generation of business is fluctuating and the contribution of marketing campaigns is difficult to measure.

The world changes. Product Managers Consulting accompanies these changes, this “transformation” to use a buzzword!

Business changes, it becomes more complex

Sales cycles involve more and more players, customers are sometimes also competitors, distribution channels are complicated, buying routes are diffuse and become fuzzier as the prospect often makes a large part of the path without the future provider being aware … The list is long.

« THE » miracle solution does not exist.The intelligence of the situation must be questioned to build the most relevant strategy possible. It requires:

  •  A holistic vision: knowledge of different areas to feed strategy, broad understanding of accessible technologies and solutions, knowledge of constraints related to the sector (technical, legal, commercial, resource constraints, etc.)
  • – The ability to lead the deployment of the operational action plan: Build a marketing plan in accordance with the strategic objectives and the capabilities of the company (budget, resources, state of mind, etc.).

But some good practices must be respected

When we work with our customers on their market approach, we respect a number of rules, which form a methodology.
Here are the highlights :

  1. Put the need of the customers at the center of our thinking
    this is translated by the analysis of the Win & Loss, the study of the perceived value of use, the fine understanding of the cases of uses and the establishment of Personas.
  2. lopinavir ritonavir precio mexico  Define the scope of the offer and its positioning
    The scope of an offer includes all services, support tools and other components related to the implementation and the global life cycle (support, tutorials, integration etc.).
    Positioning is the result of a good understanding of the direct or indirect competition and the unique selling points.
  3.  Share the positioning
    Align the company (Management, Marketing and Sales) in a coherent vision of the offer to homogenize the speech and optimize marketing efficiency.
  4.  Build the most effective market approach
    According to the field, typology of market targets, habits etc. the choice of marketing tools will differ. For instance, customer testimonials will improve the transformation rate of making appointments in an industrial software publishing company. Attending a key conference will generate 30% leads for a lab equipment company.
  5.  Define and manage campaigns effectively
    Identify actions to be taken according to business objectives, prospecting new accounts, cross-selling or up-selling etc. To maximize its chances of success and minimize costs, any campaign is built in two phases, the first to test it and the second to industrialize it if the test is positive.
  6.  Measure because we improve only what we measure.

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