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Building your brand makes you exist!

Building your brand makes you exist!
Brand strategy and product strategy, same thing!

The common point of your products? Your brand!
The identification point for your clients? Your brand!
The brand has a facilitating role in the purchasing process.
Clients identify themselves through the brand. It becomes a synonym of the key characteristics of your offer.
Thanks to its brand, a product is automatically positioned.

Product Managers describes the key points of a brand strategy, worthwhile whatever the company size is.

Brand is not the prerogative of big firms!

A brand is not only designed for B2C with the help of big communication budgets.

Brands also exist for smaller companies, which sell on smaller market segment or in B2B… So do you know the brand SOUBIRAC? Probably not unless if you are a biker or a cobbler. Yet, this brand has a real market value. This is the reference for one that search long-lasting clothes.

To sum up, a brand its:

  • A promise to a client
  • A set of characteristics
  • The positioning of the product
  • A symbol
Promotion of the brand

Preparing the launch of a product it’s also thinking at the brand promotion.

Some points that have already proven their efficiency, some best practices:

  1. Have a clear value proposition for your product
  2. Work on the details – exact vocabulary, pictures, message- look over and over them to improve them
  3. Work with a reduced team, but a real team – share your point of views, if you need ask to experts to validate your plans
  4. Journalists are your friends! Help them, anticipate their needs for illustrations, pictures, testimonies
  5. Manage the expectation, the curiosity to generate excitation around your product
  6. Communicate as much as you can. Never refuse an interview. Each publication will bring you new requests.
  7. Keep the secret. No leaks before the launch of the product! You would lose impact. So forget the preconceived ideas: « Brand => big budget », « brand = mass market » and buy yourself now the opportunity to be identified tomorrow.

my explanation Build your brand!

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